Clay Club – Summer Workshops

Art Summer Camp – Clay & Play!

clay_play_dayThe summer Clay & Play at Free Ceramics provides a full day of the creative and visual arts integrated with literacy and science. Campers will engage in art projects based on science experiments they will themselves conduct. In addition, they will explore their community: parks, museums, and the great outdoors as well as the work of master artists. But best of all, campers will have fun! Join us for a summer of art, science, and play!

Classes are limited to 16 students.

Students need to bring their own lunch, snack and water bottle. All students will get opportunities to throw on a wheel. Clay art projects will be fired for pick-up 2 weeks after the end of a session. To reserve a spot, email or call for availability. Then download an application and mail it in with a 50% deposit. Full classes will be posted on this page. It includes all materials.

Tuition is $200.

June 12th – 16th
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Artful Games: Love art? Love to play games? Explore the art of making games. From classics like chess and checkers to the complex story telling in video games and the card game Magic The Gathering, learn how to create games and then play them! Campers will draw, paint, and sculpt with clay. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.


June 26th – 30th
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Natural Patterns: The lines in a butterfly and the pattern of a snowflake are wonderful inspiration for artists! Campers will explore the many places one can find pattern in nature. Patterns, color, shape and form will be studied and applied to a variety of art projects. Field trip for a day at the Wildlife Center and Spring Meadow will take place. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.

July 10th – 14th
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Art in Construction: Helena has a wide variety of exquisitely made buildings throughout the downtown area. Visit the Cathedral and other buildings with artful elements to their construction. Talk to engineers and architects about how they use art in their own work. Design, build, paint and construct with cardboard and wood! Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.


July 24th – 28th
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Musical Mayhem! Create a wind chime, whistle and your very own drum! Take design and art basics and apply them to the creation of musical instruments. Use clay and found objects for a week full of fun noisy creating! No musical experience necessary. Enjoy visits from local musicians. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.

August 14th – 18th
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Montana Art: Study the great Montana Artists like Charlie Russell and Monte Dolack. Sculpt like ceramic artist Rudy Autio and collaborate on a horse similar to Deborah Butterfield. Spend a morning visiting our Historical Society Art Museum. Have fun creating and learning history while being inspired by our own Montana Artists! Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.

To register call 406-438-6212 or email Emily at to reserve a spot!

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