Clay Club – Summer Art Camps

To register call 406-438-6212 or email Emily at to reserve a spot!

Art Summer Camp – Clay & Play!

clay_play_dayThe summer art camps at Free Ceramics provides a full day of the creative and visual arts integrated with literacy and science. Campers will engage in with art materials, fellow students and their fun environment. In addition, they will explore their community: parks, museums, and the great outdoors as well as the work of master artists. But best of all, campers will have fun! Join us for a summer of art, science, and play!

Classes are limited to 20 students.

Students need to bring their own lunch, snack and water bottle. All students will get opportunities to throw on a wheel. Clay art projects will be fired for pick-up 2 weeks after the end of a session. To reserve a spot, email or call for availability. Then download an application and mail it in with a 50% deposit. Full classes will be posted on this page. It includes all materials.

Tuition is $218. (includes camp t-shirt)

June 18th – 22nd 
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Motion of the Ocean: Water has no limits to the shape that it can take or the art it makes! Learn about the different kinds of movement from the animals in it to the waves crashing and the things that float by creating mosaics, ships in a bottle, and shells. Field trip to the Lewis and Clark Library on Friday. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.


July 9th-July 13th
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Best of: A mixing of previous projects and new ones! Creating stuffed animals, watercolor painting, making potholders, creating and decorating paper airplanes, origami, game tournaments, painting, drawing, leaf rubbing, creating galaxies… The list goes on and on. Campers will get to choose what projects they do. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.


July 23rd – 27th
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Feeling Art: Most art follows the saying, “Look, but don’t touch,” but sometimes you just have to touch art. Explore the different textures and shapes that can be found in the world. Create tiles with multiple textures, crazy shapes, and texture books with sewing. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.



August 6th – 10th 
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Wild Things: You can see the many patterns in the wild that are useful and beautiful. Campers will learn different patterns and colors that plants and animals use to hide from wild things. Field trip for a day at the Wildlife Center and Spring Meadow will take place. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.


August 20th – August 24th 
1st-8th graders, 9am-4pm

Miniature Art: Some art is big, some art is small! There is a lot of art that is small that we don’t consider very much. Making beads out of clay, mini art books, and other pint-sized projects are planned. Pottery throwing will be included in this camp.

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