Special Order

Special orders are strongly encouraged. We enjoy working with you and seeing our visions come together and push the pottery to new exciting places. We have set sizes for place settings and while the pieces are handmade, and will vary slightly in size, we do our best to make sets that are consistent in size and decoration. Special orders will usually take 6-8 weeks to complete if the item is from our Pottery Line from the Shop page. Depending on our current stock and commitments, we may be able to get your special order to you sooner.

When Special Orders are place, we need a 50% deposit to get your order in our rotation. We will either email or mail you a receipt of your deposit and the order placed. Once you receive your pieces the remaining balance and shipping (if applicable) will be charged at that time.

If you would like a piece by Free Ceramics that you don’t see listed, please ask! Many of our pieces have joined our line of pottery because someone special ordered a piece we never made! Most often we will be happy to make a new form or try a new design. Special orders that are not from our current line will take longer than 6-8 weeks due to it not being in our inventory and our desire to give you the best work we can make. Please contact us through email or call 406-438-6212 to place an order or make an appointment.