Free Ceramics is a pottery run by Emily Free Wilson and Matt Wilson in Helena, Montana. Also home of the Studio Art Center, a place where artists work, kids classes take place and where the public can rent the space for community or private events. Free Ceramics is made of a team of artists who work together to create whimsical pottery that will always bring a smile to your face. Inspired by the designs of Emily Free Wilson, handmade, functional, porcelain pottery is made with care, decorated individually, and painted by hand to give each piece a personality of it’s own.

Matt Wilson and Emily Free Wilson are the dynamic duo that is Free Ceramics. Making pottery together for over 10 years, this couple leads the talented team of artists who make up the Free Ceramics team. Free Ceramics are made by hand from start to finish with the up-most care and consideration.

Our mission is to inspire through creativity. We strive to accomplish that through our functional porcelain pottery, by offering Clay Club classes to children of all ages, and by hosting art events for all art enthusiasts.

The style and design of functional porcelain pottery originated from Emily Free Wilson who decorates each piece. Colorful, whimsical imagery is created influenced by Christmas lights, raindrops, river rock and fireworks. Family history and nostalgic remnants from the past also appear into various designs. With a spontaneous and free movement of line, Free Ceramics creates simple, functional forms with the intent they bring joy with every use.

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