Early Influences

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska.  Lived in Hawaii.  Grew up in Oregon.

I was a serious runner starting at the age of 10 and did not decide to be a ceramic artist until I was in my junior year of college.  At the time I found myself with a similar passion for clay as I had for running.  It was a difficult, but necessary switch.  I gave up my running scholarship and began my path in the ceramics field.

The images listed here include some of the artists that I was initially attracted to in my discovery of the arts.  Rothko painted amazing fields of color and he also was of Russian decent and lived in Oregon.  Anish Kapoor’s work continues to evolve is an inspiration to artists who are trying to look at the world from a different point of view.  Kandinsky, another Russian, combined painting, color and music and created vivid playgrounds.  Alberto Giacometti’s struggles to create seep from his work when seen in person.

As an artist looks at influences and reasons…for me the well is very deep.  My parents running a printing business out of our house, Scottish Festivals, running meets all over the U.S., doilies and afghans made by my grandma, a love of sushi, growing up near rivers and the ocean, learning to throw with a strong Korean influence, an appreciation for old buildings and antiques, falling in love, having a kid.  My next post will have images of work from my time in college at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.