Holiday Sale 2011

This photo is of Matt, Bobby and I at our Holiday Sale 2011.  Today our Free Ceramics team officially grew.  Future photos will now include Lindsey Carroll.  Yay!!

Lindsey is going to start working with Bobby on throwing, Matt with plaster, and me with coloring (even though Matt does most of it).  We are super excited to have her join us.  I’ll be re-telling those who are on our email list, but for those of you that found this-you are in the loop!

Another cool development took place today.  Liz Sparks, who has been a visiting artist at the Archie Bray Foundation, is going to move into a studio space at our Clay Club spot!  She has a body of work to finish up this month and we are super happy to have her in the studio.

Both Liz and Lindsey will also help out with our Clay Club classes that are orchestrated by Crista Ames.  If I were a kid-I would love to hang out with all these cool, enthusiastic ladies.  It starts up next Tuesday-so click here to sign them up!

If you didn’t receive our email on January 31st-email me your email address and I’ll add you to the list.

Hope you all had a nice new year.  Things are starting off on a super exciting note here at Free Ceramics!  Welcome Lindsey and Liz!