Basement Improvements

The last two weeks were a bit of a blur for me personally since I had strep throat, but luckily I work with great people and the pots keep getting completed! Everyone has been plugging away.  Lindsey and Bobby got pots made, Danielle has been painting up a storm and Matt got two glaze kilns completed.


For the past three months Matt has been cleaning,moving, installing, and creating rooms to make it easier for us all to be ceramic artists.  The first major accomplishment was the sink! (check out his sponge rack!)


Today’s exciting development is that the photo room is now functional!  Sure, we will fine tune it as we use it, but it works great! One of my favorite moments using our new photo room was flipping the light switch to turn off the photo lights and then using a different light switch to turn on the overhead light.  This might sound simple, but it is a wonderful detail and convenience. Now when pots come out of the kiln we can easily shuffle them into the photo room and take photos for documentation, the website, or for emailing customers.  It is amazing!