Today I needed to throw some deep plates. Before that could happen, the early morning consisted of finding out Clay Club class was cancelled due to sick kids. I then ordered ads in the Your Time class section. (I need to let more people know we have a summer program and offer private classes for groups year round.  Hopefully it helps!) I also emailed Bobby dimensions and a list of pots to throw. And it was a typed list! So with a few things checked off the never ending list of things to do, we were all off to the studio.


The sweet little wheel I use was graciously given to me by Sarah Jaeger years ago. It is orange and was Sarah’s, so I love it. Throwing on the wheel is not my current specialty so I was a little nervous to make these plates. Four had been special ordered. A particular size and depth and curve in the inside…it all had to come together.


My first attempt was a quite a bit off. 5 pounds of clay: way too much.
The next five attempts went better and I slowly made my way to 3.5 pounds and a piece that looked like it would work. Wow. Our clay shrinks 10/11 percent. Yikes. When I was just about ready to throw another 8, (to get my 4) it was lunch time. And yes, lack of food is my Achilles heal.


After lunch I was full, happier and nervous again. Matt lovingly told me to have fun and off I went back to the studio. Danielle was there getting the large table ready for more dot painting and we chit-chatted while I threw. Everything went smoothly. I actually finished them quickly, I had fun, and they looked good.

I know that getting a new shape at a certain size always has a learning curve. Those last plates looked pretty good. And yes, the cliché, practice makes perfect, really rings true.