Coloring Contest

Our Spring Pottery Sale is around the corner!  About a month ago it was time to come up with the announcement to send to our mailing list.  I sat down at my computer to start the brainstorming process.  I was kind of dreading it.  Last Christmas my talented friend Rachel Hicks designed our holiday postcard.  It looked so nice!  Ugg.  Ok.  I can do this.  Its spring time…new pots, new people, new shows….hmmm….so much to communicate!   Wait a minute…about this time 10 years ago I had my first reception in the beautiful building we have our studios and classes.

I went digging through boxes in the basement and then in my studio out behind the house.  Voila!  Old postcards from that exact reception!  I immediately got on the phone with my friend Kasey.  She and Jesse were over in less than hour where we all shared our leftover pizza, had some wine, and came up with this:  a Free Ceramics Coloring Contest.

Shape & Color postcard

Ten years ago I, Emily Free (now Wilson) hosted a reception in my first studio out of college-on the 2nd floor of the same building we still work in.  The postcard invite was printed in black and white.  Kasey and I colored each invitation with one of our favorite sharpie markers and then invited our friends.

As we sat around and debated how complicated or simple the contest should be, it was exciting coming up with a project that we hoped our friends and supporters would also get excited about.


Join us in celebrating 10 years of making art and friends by entering Free Ceramics Coloring Contest.  Color, draw, paint or collage the half sheet pasted below (or inserted in the mailing you may have received).  Put your name, phone number and/or email on the back and drop it off at Free Ceramics, mail it in or email it to  We are going to cover a large wall with all the submitted coloring contests!

Prizes include a $50 gift certificate and pottery by Free Ceramics, Danielle O’Malley and Jon Bashioum.  Deadline is Saturday, May 4th.  Prizes awarded May 5th.  Shipping for out of town winners not included.  And now for the fine print!  Warning:  entering this coloring contest may cause extreme happiness.  Color at your own risk.  Thanks for visiting this blog entry and keeping up with our crazy activities!

Print the image below and send it back!

coloring contest