New Site New Blog

Our website is currently getting a huge remodel by Kelly Curtis!  So, while our site is down, I thought I would type something up.  There is a lot of exciting changes happening in the Free Ceramics’ physical space as well.  The electrician hooked up all the breakers and outlets for our four kilns.  Only one kiln left to move-after the bisque is unloaded.  It seems like a small thing, but it’s huge in our world.  We will be able to fire our kilns whenever we want-and at the same time!

I finally finished up a few small hand built pieces last night.  Lindsay is cranking away throwing pots and Matt is slip-casting like crazy in his studio.  Next weekend we are a part of a Helena Area Open Studios Tour.  Tickets are $15 each and you can find more info at  It’s going to be great!  We have play with clay for kids, a painting tile project, Lindsay and visiting potter Joseph Pesina will be cranking away.  I’ll be decorating pieces and it’ll be generally a busy, happening spot!

As we get ready for the holidays, I’ve been bringing back a few forms from the past.  It took a visit to my friend Tiffany’s house.  She has a french butter dish I made three or four years ago.  Her family uses it everyday!  It’ll be great to have a few of these available at Christmas time.  New pieces, old forms, new space in old space-we sure are having fun!