Holiday Technology Balance

I got on our computer this morning to figure out how to send a link on Facebook to encourage people to sign up on my email list.  Here on my blog page I realized I hadn’t posted anything in months!  During that time we got a brand new wonderful site up. Our first intern Danielle O’Malley arrived here in Helena. We went after a small business grant from FedEx through Facebook.  We’ve have hosted multiple kid clay making parties and classes.  AND, today is the last day to paint pots for our sale this weekend.
So, while I would love to share my thoughts about being on my iPhone “maybe” too much (na!)….and how my 5 year old can navigate computers amazingly well and how I really can’t wait to play good old fashioned board games this Christmas and hopefully get to the BINGO hall too….I need to figure out this email link thing, finish my cup of coffee (in my sweet Ben Krupka cup) and get back to the studio.

Yesterday I added a link to a google map (that will go out in an email Friday morning-that’s right-it is already done and scheduled!) These little things are so cool! At least to a potter who doesn’t do this for a living. Awww…technology. I get so excited about my small victories, yet I’m not even sure if this text will post on my website. My good friend Mark gave me the idea for the map, which is a commonly used thing by people, but sometimes these little details fall through the cracks when rushing to get it all done.

This weekend we are going to have an amazing show. Danielle and Lindsey will have their ceramics in addition to all of our Free Ceramics. Scott Walter is going to have a spectacular show of wooden creations-spoons, cutting boards, and TOYS! (I can’t wait!!) Somsri, will be selling beautifully crafted purses and Marco sent us a number of his latest series of cool prints. It’s going to be great! Hopefully we will see you this weekend!