Pot-cast Interview with Emily Free Wilson

A few months ago I was interviewed by Paul Blais from The Potters Cast. He is doing cool things for the ceramics field. Follow him on Instagram @PDBLAIS. It was fun chatting with him as I reminisced about my journey into clay.

After the short commercial break around 41 minutes, I share a story about eating a meal off handmade pottery. It was the moment of the interview where I had my own little “ah-hah!” moment. I had thought about this before, but it was so fun to articulate it! Ceramics is here to enhance our interactions with others. To build our relationships with others. To make all those moments, little or big-a little more special.

I did not go into too much detail about the future, but I will keep everyone updated as it becomes the present and blends into the past. Enjoy the interview. I hope you pull something from it that inspires you.