Things I learned in College

I wrote this list for a friend who just went off to college.

My college experience looks a lot like the geography of the state of Oregon, where I grew up. It had it’s days at the beach, runs on the riverside trails, and enjoyable walks through lush green filled forests. But it also had the harsh winter weather of the mountains, intimidation of a waterfall and depressing low moments in the desert. Those mountains and deserts have their own beauty too. It all made me stronger, grateful and who I am. And because I’m a visual person, here is an inspirational Montana image too. ha! Hope you enjoy my list. love, Emily

Things I learned in College

1. Know that you are amazing. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.

2. Try a lot of things. Classes, jobs, whatever. You’ll learn more about yourself.

3. Be kind to others. And be patient. Especially to those working in financial aid or secretaries. They’ll hook you up.

4. Don’t whine when working with others. No one wants to work with a whiner.

5. When you do something stupid, make sure you are with a person or people who care about you and have your back.

6. Have fun and do crazy stupid things. (see tip right before this one)

7. Care ridiculous amounts about whatever you want.

8. Have goals and a plan and be ok with them changing.

9. Finish college. Get your degree. In whatever. Just finish.

10. Value yourself. Remember, you are amazing!