Hurrah for Friday!

My name is Emily Free Wilson and I am a ceramic artist living in Helena, Montana.  I keep pretty busy living, in my opinion, a great life.  Free Ceramics is a pottery business I run with my husband Matt Wilson.  We juggle our 5 year old son Clayton with day-to-day life activities and running a business.  Along with making pottery we also run a kid’s Clay Club program.  Monday through Thursday I am the Gallery Director at the Archie Bray Foundation.  I have had this job for over 7 years and continue to enjoy the community I get to work with.  Both jobs excite me and balance my interests and needs.

For the next two months I am going to write about all these pieces of my busy life.  Topics will consistently rotate between the following: the art and business side of Free Ceramics, a highlight from what I am up to at the Bray, an artist spotlight and general entries about my constant attempt to balance it all.

Today, March 1st, is a Friday.  My one day of the week where I get to be in the studio or on the computer working on Free Ceramics.  I just sprinted down the street with Clayton and he’s off to school.  So I’m getting the blog online and am heading out to finish painting a few more bowls for tonight’s glaze kiln.  The orders are piling up (yay!) and we need to get pots glazed and on their way.  Hopefully I squeeze in a run, lunch with Bobby and Perry who will be passing through, and maybe I’ll take another crack at the dreaded filing I piled up on the dining room table.  But first, painting dots!

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